Editor Bio

Carol Brietzke Brooks


Carol Brooks has had a rich and varied career leading up to her current position as Editor-in-Chief of First for Women. After starting out as counselor to emotionally disturbed adolescents, she attended medical school, completing a year’s worth of coursework before realizing that “writing as healing” was her true vocation. She landed at Rodale, Inc. to pursue her goal of translating dense medical information into consumer-friendly prose at Men’s Health magazine. Under the guidance of Michael Lafavore, founding editor of the magazine, Brooks rose quickly through the ranks to become the editor of a brother publication, Sex & Health, a national consumer newsletter with a circulation of more than 100,000.

Brooks spent six years leading Sex & Health, and in 1998 was recruited by Bonnie Fuller at Cosmopolitan to serve as Senior Articles Editor in charge of sex and health. Six months into her stint at the Hearst publication, she was promoted to Deputy Editor, a position in which she oversaw the majority of service articles.

Throughout the next year and a half, Brooks produced stories and cover lines that helped Cosmo achieve a 15 percent increase in circulation. In January of 2000, she was recruited by Ms. Fuller to Glamour, where she broadened her range to include lifestyle, beauty and fashion into her already solid service mix.

Brooks is a married mother of two who, after ten years of editing for older men and younger women, is thrilled to have the opportunity to harness her strong and diverse editorial skills in service of women just like her.